Why us

As Legend Logistics, we provide the best price guarantee, show great care in transporting your loads and serve our customers with a rich range of transportation. -Our fast, reliable and affordable service quality -Our professional staff -Our flexible communication and tolerant hotline -Our rich range of equipment and transports -Providing the opportunity to track the goods we have received -The care we show during transportation

Our Vision                                                   Our Mission

Bringing domestic and foreign markets together in every process of transportation in a principled, planned and organized manner, keeping quality and customer satisfaction at the forefront.

  • To ful fill the logistics of the demands of international producers and consumers according to our principles of time, trust and reasonable prices. To become a leading company in the logistics sector by acting as a bridge between continents.


Murat Yıldırım was born in 1976 in Damascus, Syria. He completed his residency at the University of Beirut, Faculty of Law. Legend Logistics company, which he founded in Damascus in 2003, continued in Jordan in 2011. He moved his company to Turkey in 2012 and continues to carry out his business today, especially with the experience he gained in the field of maritime.


MARKETING                                               OPERATION

Alaa Yaman / Manager

Bushra Buwt / Sales

Nourhan Mohammad / Manager

Tuba Sogut

Emel Shan

Seda Aslan / Tracking

DOCUMANTATION                                     AGENCY

Mohammad Zadah / Manager

Bekir AKKAYA / Manager

Emin Ongul

ACCOUNTING                                             SHIP CHANDLER

Mohamed Shehade / Manager

Serpil Goktash

Youssef Al Hallak

Zilan Gokturk

Ali Hayyat